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A dark and stormy night brings terror to their doorstep! 

When it comes to Bold & Beautiful‘s Sheila Carter, she’s not exactly a woman who takes “no” for an answer. So despite having been told by everyone in Los Angeles that she will never be a part of Finn and Steffy’s life, the fugitive makes one more desperate attempt… and it promises to turn the days leading up to New Year’s Eve must-see TV!

The trouble starts when a storm blows in on Monday. If there’s one thing soap fans know, it’s that weather is never simply weather on daytime. Were anyone to get in a car during this storm, we’d assume a car crash was imminent. But in this case, fear strikes much closer to home. As Sheila’s portrayer, Kimberlin Brown, tells Soap Opera Digest, “Desperate people do desperate things.”

And in this case, the person is Sheila, and the thing is cutting power to the house, leaving Finn and Steffy in the dark and vulnerable. So after giving the couple the shock of their lives, Sheila tells them that all she really wants is to explain her side of the story and maybe convince them to forgive her.

Yeah, sure, ’cause that’s gonna happen!

To be fair, in Sheila’s head, it all makes a twisted kind of sense. After all, from the very start she has insisted that she didn’t mean to kill Finn. (The part she leaves out? That she did mean to kill his wife, but the handsome doc took the bullet for her!)

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“Why am I so misunderstood?”

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As Brown told us last year, “Everything Sheila does, she does out of love. It may be a twisted, warped and usually dangerous love, but it makes sense to her.

“For some reason,” the actress added with a laugh, “nobody seems able to see things quite the same way Sheila does!”

Something tells us this time won’t be any different. But if that’s the case, will Sheila — who is always at her most dangerous when backed into a corner — find herself once again doing something shocking?

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