Credit: CBS, Howard Wise/JPI (7)

As you contemplate your New Year’s resolution, consider making it… avoiding the colossal blunders to which the Forresters, Logans and Spencers were drawn in the last 12 months.

Regrets, they’ve had a few. Quite a few, as a matter of fact. In 2022 alone, the movers and shakers of The Bold and the Beautiful made mistakes that were so ginormous, they could hardly see over the last one to spot the next one coming!

But maybe there’s a silver lining in their plenitude of remarkably poor choices. Maybe within them lies a teachable moment, one from which we could benefit. After all, it wouldn’t be a very good look for us to just trace their missteps, jaws agape, only to marvel and laugh at their lunacy, now would it?

Katie, Donna and Brooke look at Shauna Bold and Beautiful

“Umm… we prefer to judge than to be judged, thanks.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

So as you peruse the below photo gallery, a mega-recap of the last 12 months on the CBS soap, don’t merely titter at the way that Ridge let a pine cone decide his “destiny.” Go beyond guffawing at Sheila’s decision to cut off her toe rather than hoof it out of town. Slow your roll in judging the speed with which Steffy took off for Aspen after her beloved husband was resurrected. And try do more than facepalm at the way that Thomas really, really thought that he could get away with CPS-gate.

Instead, resolve to learn from their mistakes and do better. At least better than death-by-bear as a Get Out of Jail Free card. To review the year gone by on Bold & Beautiful, just click here or on the gallery below. Then hit the comments with favorite/least favorite moments.