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This is never an easy way to end a year.

Over the course of his career, Sean Kanan has played many characters, from villainous karate teen Mike Barns in The Karate Kid III to General Hospital‘s fallen golden boy A.J. Quartermaine and The Bold & Beautiful‘s bad-boy Deacon. But in the past decade or so, he’s also tackled a completely new role: that of a writer.

In 2019, he joined with entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jill Liberman to co-author and publish Success Factor X. They worked together interviewing business moguls, media icons and even award-winning actors to get advice on success. And after the book was published, they gave interviews and toured the country together.

So it’s no wonder that the two weren’t just business partners, but friends. But now Kanan’s shared the sad news that Liberman has passed away.

The actor took to Twitter to share the news, and his feelings, writing, “Truly saddened to learn that my friend and writing partner Jill Liberman passed away,” he wrote. “She was a light and an inspiration. Wishing her family strength and peace.”

Though we still have yet to get many details about what happened or when exactly she passed, the fans didn’t waste any time in reaching out to offer their thoughts, prayers and condolences.

We at would like to offer the same, both to Kanan, Liberman’s friends and family, and all those she touched in her career as she strove to help and motivate people to do great things. We’re so sorry for their loss.

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