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Is there anyone who doesn’t love him?

Well, the case of the eaten sociopath has finally been solved on Bold & Beautiful. Granted, the Los Angeles police department had thought they’d solved it when they declared Sheila had been eaten by a bear based on the flimsiest of evidence, but now Steffy and Finn have cracked the case for real.

And while Steffy was the one to first start putting it all together, it was Finn who put his medical expertise to work to play CSI better than, you know, the LAPD’s own CSI. Sheila’s toe was cut too cleanly, for one thing, and then additional cuts were made to make it look like a tear. Her clothing was cut too, instead of torn, and the blood they found on it was just from her toe — which, yeah, even if you’re just missing one digit, that would probably have done its share of bleeding.

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Plus, there were no remains other than a toe? What did the bear do, share her body with its entire extended family? No, the evidence of being murdered and dined on by a bear was entirely circumstantial and if the same was ever said about a human, it would not hold up in court.

And for Finn’s heroic efforts there was, it turns out, an entire community out there just falling over themselves to thank him.

When BigBoss shared some “breaking Bold & Beautiful news” from the bear community on Twitter, Krista Allen couldn’t contain her laughter — nor resist the urge to share!

Per the statement, “The bear community would like to thank the conscientious [sp?] Dr. Finnegan, for clearing our good names of the false accusations levied against us regarding the matter with one Sheila Carter, a heinous criminal who we never attacked. We hope that she is soon found and brought to justice and put back in prison where she belongs, and reunited with her severed toe.”

We did make one change that we believe may have been a spelling error, but honestly, we’re surprised at how well put together the message is for bears. Then again, maybe we’re just being condescending and bearist.

In any case, it was signed by the PPBG Community Bears — which apparently stands for Pandas, Polar, Black and Grizzly bears!

Honestly, we couldn’t put it much better than that, and we’re glad the bear community’s good name is no longer slandered by Sheila’s lies! Of course, now we’re just dying to see if that particular mama bear turns on her own son now that he’s put an end to her charade. Well, if she’s ever caught, that is!

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