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Well, this is going to divide folks…

Thomas, it’s safe to say, has never been particularly lucky in love on Bold & Beautiful. Caroline died, Sally left town and Hope… OK, that one he kind of blew himself by being a manipulative, obsessive creep. If only things had worked out with that mannequin.

Actually, outside of his family, he doesn’t have much of a great relationship with many women at all — and certainly not with Brooke! The thing is, they didn’t use to be mortal enemies. Though, to be fair, they were never really friends. But Matthew Atkinson would still like to see their relationship get a bit of a reset.

While chatting with supervising producer Case Kasprzyk on Bold Live, Thomas’ portrayer shared a few of his thoughts on Brooke.

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“I love every scene I get to have with Katherine Kelly Lang,” he enthusiastically shared. “I want Thomas and Brooke to have a storyline together. And I’d rather not have it be the exact same thing it has been for the last four years, which is Brooke thinks Thomas is a piece of crap and he’s just losing it and she doesn’t want anyone around him because he’s unsafe.”

Wow, has it really been four years of on-and-off mental instability? Boy, how time flies when you’re obsessing over people.

In any case, Atkinson “would love for something a little bit on a deeper level. Like they’re working together to do something, even if that’s getting him help or it’s something related to fashion.”

Either of those could be fun, but what makes them even more titilatting was Kasprzyk’s response to the ideas.

“OK,” the producer mused. “My brain’s… we’ll talk later. Thinking about something!”

Well, now we’re intrigued! A bit later in the show, though, another fan had a very specific idea about how to get Thomas and Brooke in more scenes together: They should start a relationship!

“I love that idea,” Atkinson exclaimed, then recalled the boinkberry incident between Thomas and Brooke a few years back. They “have a history. I think Kelly and I would love to play that. That would be a lot of fun, especially with what’s been happening the last few years.”

Wait, what, her mistrust of him? His framing of her? Their hatred of each other? Because that’s what’s been happening the last few years! Well, yeah, Atkinson acknowledged, kind of.

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“There’s this obvious fire between them that can be a huge reason for them to get together,” he explained. “So, that would be a lot of fun. That would be great.”

Getting there, though, would be… difficult — at least with the way things are now. But, if, as Atkinson talked about, they first went through a storyline where Brooke decided to stop just hating Thomas and instead worked on getting him help — if for no other reason to better protect herself and Hope — that might be the gateway for them to get together.

It would throw them together enough to grow close, perhaps, especially if she saw him change. Granted, it wouldn’t be the first time he’d changed, seeing as how he had supposedly become a better person before that CPS call… but Brooke’s all about second chances! And 100th chances. Just ask Ridge.

Speaking of whom, Brook’s hooked up with Ridge’s brothers and his father (Eric, not Massimo), so we kind of feel like all that’s left is his son! For real this time, not under the influence of some berries.

At the end of the day, though, Atkinson is down for whatever gives him a chance to have more Brooke scenes.

“I love working with her,” and I just don’t get to do it enough.”

We know we may regret asking… But what do you think? Would you be able to handle Brooke and Thomas hooking up for real?

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