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The answer has been in front of our face this whole time!

The Bold and the Beautiful may be about to have Sheila do the ultimate about-face. Short a toe and long on enemies — not to mention wanted by the authorities for attempted murder(s) — the madwoman has been hiding in plain sight in a Whitman’s Sampler of Party City wigs. But if she wants to reenter society in a more permanent way, something has to change, and that something… is her face!

“Anger management? You’re lookin’ at it.”

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Time to *Face* the Music?

Regular viewers of Bold & Beautiful and sister soap Young & Restless know very well that soap-opera plastic surgeons can give the kind of makeovers that not only alter a person’s countenance but their height, body and voice as well. That’s how Young & Restless made loco Patty twinsies with her shrink and turned Sheila’s sister Sarah into Lauren’s mirror image. The shows also twisted Sheila’s accomplice Sugar into her mirror image at one point.

Heck, almost two decades ago, Sheila herself took part in a faceoff, borrowing Phyllis’ mug to terrorize Lauren anew. So the psycho is well aware that this is an option. The question is, whose face — and life — would she steal?

“Does this mean Ridge would have to deal with Sheila? I could be into that.”

Double Take

Considering how much Sheila detests Brooke, she’s certainly a frontrunner. And if the nut job went that route, she could easily use the blonde bombshell’s face and figure to push Donna out of Eric’s bed. (’Cause c’mon, we all know that Brooke is his favorite ex-wife! Sorry, Stephanie.) Or Sheila could reaffix herself to Deacon by making his dream of reuniting with Brooke come true.

Alternately, Sheila could get closer to the other object of her obsession: son Finn. How? By swiping Taylor’s face. If Sheila started walking a mile in the shoes of the world-renowned psychiatrist, every step that she took would be in the direction of the family that she so desperately wants.

Option No. 3: Donna. Making herself a lookalike of Eric’s current squeeze would, again, grant Sheila access to the former spouse with whom she was fixated not too long ago. It would also give her visitation rights to his great-grandson Hayes and perfectly position her to mess with Brooke — bonus!

Eric Donna B&B

“Really? Honey? And not Dijon mustard?”

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A Turn for the Worse

Of course, whoever’s face Sheila shanghais is going to be plunged into a waking nightmare — because obviously, public enemy No. 1 is going to have to imprison her. Hey, wonder what’s become of Justin’s handy dandy cage…

There is one other way out for Sheila. But we have a feeling she wouldn’t like it very much. Check it out in the below photo gallery.