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Ridge, you may now step down from your throne as Dimmest Character On the Show.

Hey, we totally understood why The Bold and the Beautiful would have Steffy freak out upon seeing Sheila the Nine-Toed Terror. We’d flip, too, if we unexpectedly came face to vaguely masked face with the she-monster who shot our better half before our eyes and then took aim at us to boot.

Where the show lost us, however, was in Steffy and Finn’s response after that initial encounter. Rather than immediately call the police or chase after Sheila to see if they could snap a picture of her license plate, they… stood around and at length discussed the theory that they already believed was true — that no self-respecting bear would want to eat all that crazy.

Brown bears in captivity in Thessaloniki's Zoo. Brown bears are endangered species in Greece. They appear in mountains of Northern Greece like Rodope or Pindos. (Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

“I’m trying to cut loco out of my diet.”

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While Sheila made nine-toed tracks, Steffy and Finn talked. And talked. And talked. But they didn’t even ask Deacon whether he’d recently served a blonde lady who looked like she’d recently visited the mask aisle at Party City. ’Cause they wouldn’t want a look at the name on her credit card or anything, right? Wouldn’t want a clue as to the alias under which she was living.

By the time those three little digits finally were dialed — you know, 911 — we’d facepalmed so often, our noses were flattened. And don’t even get us started on the hilarity of Steffy and Finn ever again setting foot in the restaurant whose back alley nearly became their final resting place. Those breadsticks look good, yeah, but to die for? Don’t think so.

Ridge stew wedding day B&B

“First I lose two wives, and now this?!?”

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This tomfoolery is good news for Ridge, though. In the wake of it, we are taking away his distinction as Dimmest Character On the Show and awarding it to the Finnegans. Yes, Ridge dumped his wife without ever telling her why, let a pine cone prompt him to run after his ex and got one marriage annulled and nearly remarried in less time than it takes for Brooke to shed one of her trademark single tears. But Steffy and Finn’s letting Sheila slip away without sirens blaring? That’s even dumber.

Revisit Sheila’s long, long list of crimes in the below photo gallery, reason enough to keep her on Santa’s naughty list for not just life, several lives!