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A clean slate is never a bad thing!

Let’s face it, if The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Hope is any indication, blondes most definitely do not have more fun! Her husband’s kind of a jerk, her mom’s wildly erratic and even though she gave Ridge that great speech about standing up for herself, virtually no one has much confidence she’ll follow through all that long. Then there’s her dad, a semi-reformed sleaze who’s harboring a sociopath and Thomas, the man who’s periodically obsessed with her and just tried ruining Brooke’s life.

We guess what we’re saying is: Would anyone blame Hope for just wanting to start over? Annika Noelle certainly wouldn’t! she was asked on her episode of Bold Live if she’d like to see Hope strike out on her own and start her own fashion company, Noelle was all in.

“I honestly would,” she happily agreed.

For one thing, competing fashion houses and corporate wheeling and dealing are part of the very DNA that makes up Bold & Beautiful.

“I always like it when we highlight the business side of it,” Noelle shared, “because I really love it and I think that’s what makes Bold so interesting and stand out. You’re dealing with fashion, you’re dealing with publicity, Spencer publications and all those different worlds. And I always find the behind-the-scenes of those very interesting.”

But it’s not just that. Striking out on her own with a separate business and fashion line could be just what Hope needs to get away from an entire environment that’s, frankly, pretty toxic. The Forrester drama, family drama, her own mother’s drama — Hope could get away from all of that.

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“I think she has the means and the ability to help her be free from a lot of power dynamics she might be stuck in currently,” Noelle mused. “And I think that’s just a great message to send as well, to have a woman strike out on her own and to ideally be successful in that venture.”

And yes, this would involve Hope doing her own thing and only her own thing. When Matthew Atkinson was on his own episode of Bold Live, a fan brought up the prospect of Thomas striking out on his own as well — and working with Hope!

That’s something that the actor approached cautiously, saying he would be all for it, but it would take some work to get the two of them there. Hope and Liam would have to break up, for one thing, and it would have to be over something completely unrelated to Thomas. And, he thinks, something would have to happen to her job at Forrester.

But if those things did happen, he thinks, “That would be a lot of fun if we could actually get there and have Thomas and Hope do something independent and be a very different feel from what happened the last couple years, that would be a blast. That would be awesome.”

But could they ever get there? That’s questionable. And it’s something Noelle wouldn’t necessarily want for Hope. For one thing, the thought of her reuniting with Thomas isn’t appealing to the actress.

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“I think given what Thomas has done to Hope and her family,” she cautiously noted, “even though I love working with Matt and it’s such a fun dynamic, I think it would be playing with fire. And I think the messaging it sends to women is a little precarious.”

And working with him may not be much better. After all, that still ties Hope into one very messed up power dynamic and would keep her stuck to the Forresters whether she wanted to be or not.

But if Hope could make a go of it on her, well, Noelle “would love to see that. I think it would be wonderful to highlight.”

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