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There’s only one way that this story can end.

Since her comeback in the summer of 2021, Sheila has singlehandedly turned The Bold and the Beautiful into The Armed and the Dangerous. But now that Steffy and Finn know that the madwoman who nearly killed them (not to mention Li) is only missing a toe, not a pulse, the walls are closing in on public enemy No. 1.

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Maybe Katie belongs on our list of suspects after all.

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Sheila being Sheila, she could just disappear again. Fake her death maybe and take off for parts unknown (which a sensible psycho would have done ages ago!). Our bet, though, is that that isn’t what’s going to happen. A crime spree as staggering as hers has been demands a finale that’s truly satisfying for the audience.

R.I.P.: Rot in Prison or Rest in Peace?

Sure, fans would like to see karma slam shut the door of a prison cell on the homicidal maniac. But they’d love to see the Grim Reaper demonstrate for her how her victims have felt when forced to face their own mortality. That would be serving just desserts the man-stealing, baby-swapping menace who once murdered an accomplice with bees. Yes, bees!

Kimberlin Brown, Rena Sofer"The Bold and the Beautiful" SetCBS Television CityLos Angeles, Ca.06/29/17© XJJohnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 7649U.S.Airdate 08/11/17

Quinn could still want to settle the score with Sheila.

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As an added bonus, the end of Sheila would by no means be the end of the drama. On the contrary, written properly, her death could bring to life a whole new storyline: a “Who killed Sheila Carter?” murder mystery. Heaven knows there would be no shortage of suspects.

Check out the updated photo gallery below for a rundown of all of the characters who would do a happy dance were Sheila to start wearing a toe tag. Not on that toe, obviously.