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“He is just in a very dark, dark place.” 

Talk about a gobsmacking reveal! We knew that Bold & Beautiful‘s Bill was having a rough go of it, but never in a million years could we have imagined that the troubling path down which he’s been walking would lead him to becoming Sheila Carter’s lover and fierce defender! Yet that is exactly what was revealed in the episode airing on December 28!

“I’m really proud of what’s ahead, mostly because it is a very different path for Bill,” portrayer Don Diamont told Soap Opera Digest. Just how big a challenge has it been? “I had to fully invest and commit to [it], and wrapping my head around that took some work!”

Over the past few weeks, viewers have been left to wonder exactly what was going on with Bill, whose behavior has been extreme… even for him! Both Katie and Liam knew things were going to get rough when they realized that he’d once again donned his sword necklace. “When you wear that thing around your neck,” Liam fretted, “it means you’re in scorched-earth mode.”

Bill Katie behind B&B

Being rejected by Katie has sent Bill over the edge.

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Just how bad are things going to get? “This is worse than the guy who came on the scene almost 14 years ago,” Diamont previews. “He can be a pretty bad guy, and things are spiraling out of control.”

Sheila, too, has been out of control for quite a long time. Truth be told, she’s probably been that way since shortly after the character was introduced on The Young and the Restless. But shooting both Steffy and Finn was definitely a low point (even for her), and one she’s been trying to dig her way out of ever since.

For a while, it seemed Deacon might be the only port available to Sheila… but we now it seems that during those times when she was sneaking away from his small apartment, she was bonding with Bill!

Bold sheila deacon fight

Apparently, Deacon isn’t the only guy who proved unable to resist Sheila’s charms!

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Emerging from this week’s thunder storm to stop Steffy and Finn from having Sheila arrested, Bill admitted that like her, he’s been in a bad place… even blaming, at least in part, Steffy’s long ago rejection (coupled with the more recent ones of Katie and Brooke) for his dark state. “Nobody gives a damn whether or not I live or die,” he claimed. “And this woman knows all about that.”

Saying he’d been alone for so long, Bill suggested that no one cared. “I have tried, Steffy. I’ve tried so hard to be good to you. To Brooke. To Katie. And none of you wants anything to do with me.” This was, he knew, a fate he’d brought upon himself, admitting he had lied, cheated and stabbed people in the back. “I’ve caused so much hurt over the years.”

With Steffy looking as if she might vomit, Sheila cozied up to Bill, who declared he was “moving on to someone I can’t hurt.”

And then came the biggest shock of all when Bill swore that unless Steffy worked to keep her mad mother-in-law out of jail, he would press charges against Taylor for having shot him a few years back!

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Even other actors on the soap were shocked by the twist. “It’s crazy, right?” laughs Krista Allen (Taylor). “When I read the script I had to go back and read it again. It was like, ‘Wait, did that say… yup, it sure did!'”

As for Diamont, he’s clearly relishing the twist even as he wonders how things will play out for his alter ego. “He doesn’t even know who he is anymore,” sighs the actor. “He is just in a very dark, dark place.”

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