B&B thomas plotting
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“Obviously, not the smartest move.”

Oh, Thomas, when are you ever going to learn? Apparently, never, but we guess it is what it is. His CPS call was the train wreck Bold & Beautiful fans saw coming from miles away, but were frustratingly helpless to stop.

But while fans could see and dread this twist coming, Matthew Atkinson admits that he was a bit more blindsided by the revelation. He sat down to talk about what his character did with supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk on a recent Bold Live and, well, he didn’t hide how he felt about the scheme.

When asked about if he preferred playing Thomas as a good-guy or an anti-hero (Atkinson says he thinks of his character more in that way than as an outright villain), the actor admitted he was up for it all. But there is one caveat.

“I just want there to be a reason for him to do whatever he does,” he said.

And that’s something, he admitted, he struggled over with Thomas’ CPS call. First off, the actor didn’t have a whole lot of time to digest the news. He found out only a couple days before getting the script and shot the scene just a few days later.

His immediate reaction? It was probably mostly confusion and surprise — or as he put it, “Whaaaaaa? Here he goes again, I guess!”

It wasn’t, he admitted, what he saw happening after the past year-and-a-half of Thomas wanting to be a great father, insisting that honesty was so important and trying so hard to be a better person. Even when it came to Ridge and Taylor, the actor pointed out, Steffy was the one pushing the manipulation to get them back together.

And now suddenly Thomas is framing Brooke to set himself up as the victim?

“It definitely was out of left field,” Atkinson mused. “You could see a bunch of directions it could have gone and that I thought maybe made more sense. The only way I could see justification for this is it was a split-second decision.”

“He just got so pissed in the moment,” he continued. “Brooke, for years and years, never believed in him, and then she says she’s going to call CPS on him?”

In other words, Thomas just had enough and made a decision. It was, objectively, the wrong decision, but that’s life, right? You made good decisions and bad decisions and you have to deal with the consequences no matter what.

“He’s like, ‘You know what? I’m a great father, let them show up and we’ll see what happens,’” Atkinson rationalized. “Then as a bonus, it’s like, ‘Well, maybe that gets dad out of that relationship for good and allows him to be happy.’ Obviously, not the smartest move.”

“If it were me choosing,” he concluded, “I would have chosen a different route. It just seemed like a very split-second decision. But sometimes people do those kinds of things! It is what it is.”

Well, that pretty much sums up Thomas’ whole life!

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