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Nope. We just don’t get the direction in which the former marrieds are being pointed.

OK, Bold & Beautiful, you’re creeping us out. At first, we were just ticked that Bill would have the stones to profess his love again to Katie literally seconds after being rejected by his first pick, her sister Brooke. But then, more than ticked, we got scared.

Bill was talking nonsense, saying that everyone in his life had abandoned him. Who, exactly, had done that? Brooke still cared, albeit not enough to remarry him. Katie, too. And we’ve had no indication that sons Liam and Wyatt have cut ties with Daddy Dearest. So WTH was Bill going on about? Was he having some kind of break with reality?

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See, Bill? You’re even freaking Katie out!

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Love Me… or Else!

The episode only grew more concerning as the Casanova’s pity party went darker and darker. “Know this: I will not give up. I will not lose you to Carter Walton or anyone else,” Bill told Katie. “I do not lose!”

Was this supposed to be sweet talk? Were we supposed to go weak-kneed? ’Cause it sounded more like a threat wrapped in a brag than a compliment or even a come-on.

Bold & Beautiful seemed to realize this. Maybe it even intended it. Because as ominous music was cued up, Bill, never one who’s known when to quit, went on. “I need you,” he said. “I need you now, my Katie, like never before.”

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“Watch — you’re gonna abandon me with the check, aren’t ya?”

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Mental Hopscotch

What on earth is going on here? It isn’t surprising, we suppose, that Bill would think he could get a do-over with Katie immediately after requesting one with Brooke. His ego is, after all, large enough to cloud his judgment. But upon being turned down, the Bill that we know would just smirk, “They’ll be back,” and then kill time with the next knockout to cross his path. (“Yo, Taylor, you wanna take another ‘shot’ at me?”)

Is the soap actually going to play a mental-illness storyline with Bill? Could he be headed for a breakdown — the kind that would leave Katie once again locked in the tower of his palatial estate? This one, we can’t for the life of us figure out.

Why, when he’s largely been behaving like his self-centered self, would he feel the need to put back on his sword necklace for extra protection? Is he expecting to have to ward off a very small assailant with the mini-weapon? Is he using it as a talisman to keep from hurting himself? From harming his perceived rival, Carter? What?!?

While we wait to find out, look for clues in our photo gallery of Bill’s checkered past.