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Our fingers are crossed!

There’s no two ways about it: Naomi Matsuda is a busy woman. She’s so busy, in fact, that if Finn’s Bold & Beautiful mom is anything like her portrayer, we can totally understand how Li survived that car crash all those months ago. Because nothing is going to slow her down!

Anyone following the actress is likely well aware that she’s been shooting projects everywhere from Palm Springs to Arkansas, has been working with actors like Jason Priestley and doing everything from television appearances to commercials. And most recently, she even shot a film!

Is it any wonder we don’t get more Li on our screens?

Well, now it looks like the actress may have finished her movie because she took to Instagram to announce, “That’s a wrap. Wow. Thank you for such an incredible experience!! What a crew! So happy to work with everyone on this movie. Feeling extremely blessed! Thank you!”

And while it’s always great to see actors so thankful for their roles, we’re left wondering about one role in particular. What does this mean for Li? Because right now, it feels like the stars are aligning for quite a lot!

We already noted how busy the actress has been, but few things can be quite as time-consuming as filming a movie. We want all the success in the world for the incredible actress — but maybe if she’s in between projects, we could start seeing a bit more of Li soon.

It’s not that she hasn’t been around, of course — everyone who was anyone was at Ridge and Taylor’s wedding blow-up — but we haven’t really seen her in some hefty story of her own since her return from the dead led to Finn’s rescue.

Li was, of course, happy to hear Sheila had been eaten by a bear (but then, who wasn’t?), so as word starts getting around that Sheila’s still alive, it seems like the perfect opportunity to start getting her on-screen more! After all, Steffy and Finn are going to be the first ones (besides Deacon) to discover this unsettling truth, and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t go running to Li with the news! And she, we imagine, would take a very personal interest in seeing Sheila taken down!

And then there’s her and Bill. Those two had seemed so promising back when they first met that Matsuda and Don Diamont were thinking up smoosh names for the potential couple! But then they sort of settled into mutually admiring pals as Bill went back to bouncing around Katie… and Brooke. For the 100th time.

Bill Li regrets B&B

Katie’s made it clear she doesn’t want him, though, and Brooke is best left alone for the foreseeable future — or, heck, any future. She just gave Ridge that whole “I deserve better” speech, but we’re still a bit doubtful that she’s going to stay away from her favorite yo-yo husband.

In short, it looks like the stars may all be aligning to make this the perfect time to bring Li on more and make her and Bill into the power couple we all deserve to see on our screens! Besides, how delicious would it be to have Bill end up as Steffy’s step-father-in-law?

Find out what Diamont has to say about Bill’s lady loves in our photo gallery of his romances. Is Li next on that list?