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“That woman didn’t show up today.” 

We’ve all heard of “the cutting room floor.” You know, that place where scenes sometimes wind up for various reasons… often including ones that actors find themselves wishing we could have seen for ourselves! During our recent chat with The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Krista Allen (Taylor), she shared details about one such scene and how it might have helped explain what went down on the day of her alter ego’s wedding.

You’ll recall that the day after things went south at the nuptials, Brooke paid a little visit to her longtime nemesis. What you don’t know is that one revealing part of their exchange wound up being cut.

“Brooke asked Taylor what happened to the woman of high morals and standards,” explains Allen. “And Taylor said, ‘That’s not the woman who came down the stairs. That woman didn’t show up. The one who did was angry and confused, and that’s who made the decision not to tell Ridge what she knew about the CPS call.”

Taylor stairs wedding B&B

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Allen admits she’s glad things played out the way they did, especially for fans of the “Tridge” family. “It was so much more interesting for Taylor to go downstairs and hold Ridge to his word than it would have been for her to just crumble and put all the blame on Thomas.”

To be clear, Allen agrees that what Taylor did was wrong. “She didn’t do the right thing, and she knew she wasn’t doing the right thing. But she was going to hold Ridge accountable for dragging her back into this toxic web.”

It’s worth remembering, the actress points out, the circumstances under which Taylor reunited with Ridge. “He promised her — he swore to her — that this had nothing to do with Brooke. And she wanted to believe him so bad.

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“So she came down those stairs,” Allen continues, “and was like, ‘Put your money where your mouth is! You chased me up a mountain to profess your love and tell me you would keep my heart safe.’ So when it all exploded that’s where her head was at.”

The wedding may not have happened, but we’ll always have the gorgeous photo album below capturing Taylor, Ridge and their children looking gorgeous… before things went to you-know-where in a handbasket!