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The CBS soap actress resurfaces during the holidays.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Katrina Bowden on The Bold and the Beautiful and though it’s hard to tell where Flo has been hiding these days (heck, we hardly ever get to see Wyatt!), the actress is about to unveil a new character this Friday. On December 9, at 8 pm, the Hallmark Channel will premiere The Most Colorful Time of Year, as part of its Countdown to Christmas programming event.

Viewers will be able to see Bowden in a whole new light as she portrays Michelle, an optometrist and mother of a blind child, who meets her daughter Bailey’s (Ava Weiss, When Hope Calls) teacher Ryan (Christopher Russell) at a time when he needs a little Christmas magic of his own. While giving the students eye exams, Michelle notices something different about Ryan — he has no interest in color, which is strange, especially during the holiday season. Though Ryan agrees to an eye exam, he cuts it short. However, Michelle suspects he may be colorblind and tricks him into confirming her suspicion.

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Michelle and Bailey then work their magic and further trick Ryan into putting on a pair of glasses that opens his eyes to his surroundings in technicolor. Ryan, filled with emotion, can’t believe how beautiful everything is, which sets Michelle on a series of adventures to help bring more color into his life.

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Take a closer look into what’s ahead by viewing the promo to see the beauty through Ryan’s eyes for the first time as Michelle expresses, “It must feel like a whole new world.”

As an added bonus, the movie will also be available for our Canadian friends as well on the same date and time on the W Network.

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