Sheila B&B
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Deacon warns Sheila she’s put them both in danger.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for December 5 – 9, the jig is up as Sheila’s faked death is discovered! Read about it below and watch the preview.

Up until now, almost everyone except for Deacon believes Sheila Carter is dead and gone, the victim of a bear attack. Little do they know she cut off her own toe in order to stage her own death. Since then she’s been hiding out at Deacon’s place, where the two have also had a bit of a love connection going on in the bedroom. Just this past week as news of Ridge and Taylor’s nuptials spread, Sheila was on cloud nine that Brooke was likely suffering. However, Ridge and Taylor never said, “I do,” because Thomas’s latest plot to break his father and Brooke up was revealed.

This week, Sheila’s been caught as Finn informs Steffy “Sheila Carter is alive!” Steffy responds, “She staged her own death.” Somehow they’ve found out about toe-gate.

Finn and Steffy confront Deacon, knowing he was pretty much Sheila’s only friend in town before the alleged bear attack, and tell him that they know Sheila is alive. He responds, “I have no idea where she is.” Of course, as Maury would say, “That is a lie!”

Later in his hole of an apartment, Deacon warns Sheila that she’s putting them both in jeopardy. He yells, “You hear that sound, that’s the walls closing in babe!” Elsewhere, Finn vows he will find Sheila and she will go to prison for the rest of her life.

How do you think Sheila will get out of this one? And will she take Deacon down with her?

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