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Here… comes… trouble.

When The Bold and the Beautiful had Bill remove his trademark sword necklace, it was a capital-B Big moment, one that signified that Don Diamont’s character was committed to becoming a kinder, gentler version of himself. So when he puts it back on the week of November 4, it’s telling. “Bill is in a really bad place,” portrayer Don Diamont tells Soap Opera Digest.

How could he not be in the dumps? Bill has been rejected by both of his favorite exes, Katie and Brooke. Being Mr. Nice Guy has gotten him nowhere. Clearly, a change is in order. “Historically,” Diamont notes, “the necklace was… a manifestation of who Bill is and how Bill saw himself. He was a pirate. He took no prisoners.”

The publishing tycoon still hopes that he can pick up the pieces of his shattered life — thereby avoiding falling into what the actor calls “a deep, dark chasm where he has never been before.” But if that doesn’t happen, and fast, the “old” Bill could raise new hell.

Were he to ditch the halo that fit so uncomfortably on his head, the “reformed” troublemaker could wreak havoc on a familiar nemesis with an unfamiliar partner in crime. (Read all about that here.) Or he could endeavor to stick it to his replacement in Katie’s life by bringing Carter’s lost love Quinn back to L.A.

Rena Sofer "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 09/14/21 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 8626 U.S.Airdate 10/15/21

The former Mrs. Eric Forrester might have been unwilling to stay with her boo, lest he abandon his dreams of having a family. But Bill already has one — heck, he and Quinn even already have a son together. So maybe he could lure her back to town to make Carter miserable and Katie, insecure.

As an added bonus, such a villainous move would no doubt drive Brooke wild with jealousy. Sure, Ridge is her “destiny” and all. But that doesn’t mean that she wants her longtime antagonist Quinn riding her Stallion, so to speak!

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