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One phone call set this all into motion…

The truth finally — yes, finally! — came out this week surrounding Thomas framing Brooke and now that Steffy has let the cat out of the bag, her brother is going to be in for a major fallout. In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Matthew Atkinson stated that Thomas knew what he did was wrong and previewed what’s ahead for his character. “In his mind he did something wrong but for the right reason.” Even though his actions brought the family back together, he further explained, “But later he came to know it was a bad decision.”

Well, even so, Thomas had plenty of opportunities to come clean before the wedding, and if not for his parents’ sake, he should have darn well stepped forward with the truth after Douglas confronted him for his actions. Watching that poor kid have to keep such a secret about his father broke our hearts and you’d think Thomas, who everyone believed had changed, would have taken that burden off of his son — no matter what the consequences — and now he has to face a few of his own doing…

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Not only will Ridge tell his boy that he’s no longer part of their family — the one he worked so hard to reunite — he’ll oust him from Forrester Creations as well. Even though Thomas suspected this would happen, it’s “a blow” to the gut but “he’s willing to face the consequences.” Some would say he really doesn’t have a choice but Atkinson revealed his character is “sick and tired of being the one who screws up.”

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And we can’t forget about Hope and how she’s going to react… It’s safe to say that she likely won’t trust him again but she’ll be darn sure to protect Douglas in any way possible, which results in her taking him away from Thomas’ care. “Of course, he understands why she’d want to keep Douglas away from Thomas, and that hurts, but he did something wrong and now he’s paying for it,” Atkinson said, while at the same time expressed that Thomas genuinely loves Hope but “not in an obsessive way anymore.”

We’ve seen others who’ve done worse in daytime change their ways for the good and we hope the same can be said for Thomas but the question remains… Do you think he’ll be able to regain the trust of his family and friends once again? And if all else fails, we have an idea as to who Thomas could team up with if revenge ends up winning out in the end.

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