Jacqueline MacInnes Wood B&B
Credit: Getty Images

“Can you please bring ’em to the cliff house?!”

Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy is embroiled in family drama right now, but her portrayer Jacqueline MacInnes Wood enjoys a more peaceful existence with her fam jam (we hope!) and is fiercely protective of her home base.

Steffy made the difficult decision to put the brakes on her mom Taylor’s remarriage to her father Ridge — a reunion she’s been obsessed with making happen — in order to tell the truth. Before the wedding, Steffy’s nephew Douglas revealed to her that her brother Thomas had made the fateful CPS call that led to their father dumping Brooke and getting back together with Taylor. Revelations and confrontations have reined ever since as Steffy confronted Thomas, told her horrified mother, and then ultimately stopped the nuptials when no one else stepped up to tell Ridge the truth.

Of course, it wasn’t supposed to make any difference — Ridge had promised he wanted to marry Taylor regardless — but as one might expect, it all went haywire and the fallout was epic.

Moving forward will be difficult for Steffy, who is now on the outs with her brother Thomas, so we’re expecting a lot more drama. Thankfully, after a long day of shouting, crying and whatever else her character has to do in the script that day, Wood can retreat to her homestead with her husband, Elan, their three adorable sons… and their beautiful dogs.

The star took to social media to share a look at just how they guard their peace and slapped a tough-talking caption on the awe-inspiring photo: “F’around and find out security.”

Bold & Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) dubbed it a “power shot” and punctuated her remark with a fire emoji. We couldn’t agree more. Also enthusiastic about the stunning photo was Naomi Matsuda (Li), who roared, “OKAYYYYYYYYYY QUEEN.”

Wood’s onscreen mama, the fabulous Krista Allen, gushed, “Most beautiful badass on the planet! 🔥❤️👑”, but it was Tanner Novlan, who plays her onscreen hubby Finn, who won the comment section with this zinger: “Could you plz bring ‘em to the cliff house?!”

As Bold & Beautiful fans well know, people are constantly showing up at the cliff house and walking right in. Worse, Sheila’s lurking around in a disguise right now and even let herself in the patio doors and picked up baby Hayes! They definitely need to up their security game!

In case you missed them, get an eyeful of the Bold & Beautiful fashions at Ridge and Taylor’s wedding in the gallery below.