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There’s another big shoe left to drop… 

It’s been said before, but bears repeating: It wouldn’t be a Forrester wedding if there wasn’t a little drama! In the case of Ridge and Taylor’s attempt to run down the aisle, there was a whole lot of it… and there are still several big cards yet to play in the days ahead. But first, let’s look at the winners and losers in the wake of Bold & Beautiful‘s big, sweeps-ending wedding.

WINNER: Steffy Forrester

From the moment she found out what Thomas had done, she was ready to spill the tea, even if that meant throwing her brother under the bus. Nobody has advocated harder for Ridge and Taylor to reunite, yet Steffy knew what had to be done… even if it sent her dad back into Brooke’s arms.

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LOSER: Ridge Forrester

Where do we even start? With the jerk ending his marriage without so much as an explanation? With him proposing to Taylor literally the day after leaving Brooke? I think we’re supposed to find Ridge’s waffling romantic, but he’s become a narcissistic (insert very bad word here), and I can’t begin to imagine how they change our collective minds.

WINNER: Douglas Forrester

My fondest wish came true when Douglas hit play on the phone and revealed his dad’s misdeed. (Okay, my second fondest wish, with No. 1 being that this show start telling multiple stories.) I only wish Hope and Liam could have been there so she could hear undeniable evidence of Thomas’ villainy, and Liam could say exactly what we all know he eventually will: “Told ya so.”

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LOSER: Taylor Forrester

This one hurts, truth be told. I love Taylor, and like many others, I want so much better for her. I can’t help wishing that she’d been the one to stop the wedding, confess what she knew and say, “Ridge, we need to put ourselves aside right now and help our son, because he clearly needs it.” Instead, she opted to keep quiet… something that will clearly bite her in the butt.

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As for what needs to happen next… well, in our dreams, Ridge would go running back to Brooke, only to have her slam the door in his face. “You believed the worst of me, and then ended our marriage without so much as giving me a chance to explain,” she might say.

Elsewhere, Taylor needs to finally realize that she is so much more than Ridge’s second choice. She has so much to offer, and needs to find a man truly worth of her. (We would have suggested Deacon based on their past chemistry, but the whole Sheila thing changed our mind on that. How about Finn’s dad? Hey, where is Finn’s dad?)

Finally, it’s time for Bold & Beautiful‘s writers to stop going back to the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor well. Sorry, but the women need to realize that he’s toxic, and he needs to find himself someone new to love… if he even knows what that means. All three characters need to move on… for their sake, and ours.

Before moving forward, let’s look back one last time at the wedding that created so much juicy drama