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Did somebody order “just desserts”?

In time, The Bold and the Beautiful is going to let Ridge off the hook for playing fast and loose with Brooke and Taylor’s affections. But that doesn’t mean that everybody on the show has to say, “Aw, that’s just Ridge for ya!” and go back to business as usual. A character we haven’t seen since 2018 could — and should — have a bone to pick with the dressmaker. Why? Because Daddy treated Mommy like crap!

Here Comes the Son

If the soap really wanted to shake things up, it would reintroduce R.J. (last played by Love, Victor’s Anthony Turpel) as older and edgier than the teenager who left town to study and simply never returned. Choose a more mature actor to play him — maybe Days of Our Lives alum Mike Manning (ex-Charlie) or Tanner Stine (ex-Joey) — and bring him on as the head of his own mini-fashion house, with biological grandpa Massimo Marone bankrolling the operation.

“Why,” you ask, “would R.J. want to compete with Forrester Creations? And why would Mojo want to fund the project?” R.J. would be mad as hell at the way that his father treated his mother, and as such, determined to build something up of his own, so that she could leave her old fashion house — and on-again/off-again “destiny” — in the dust.

Could you be looking at the newest member of the Forrester family?

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As for Massimo, R.J. could explain that the shipping tycoon saw in Ridge’s hasty — and well-publicized — abandonment of Brooke a pattern of behavior that should be broken. Look at the way Ridge hasn’t contact or even mentioned his biodad in ages!

Love Unlimited

Not only could R.J. Couture jump-start the fashions wars that we’ve so missed on the show, its baby-faced CEO could also spice up Taylor’s love life. At first, R.J. would reach out to the other woman his father treated so shabbily, just out of empathy. But to their surprise, sparks fly, and soon, compassion gives way to passion — a development that only rubs salt in Ridge’s wounded pride and makes R.J.’s allegiance to his mother all the more complicated.

As for Brooke, we’d have her steer all the way clear of Ridge and pair her with one of the handsome fellas in the below photo gallery.