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Sheila may not be the scariest thing on the show for much longer.

After the fit hits the shan this week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor is sure to once again be left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Not only will Ridge’s “commitment” to his bride have wavered in the wake of the revelation that Brooke didn’t call CPS on Thomas, but the dressmaker will know that Taylor was willing to marry him without ever doing him the courtesy of telling the truth. We can just imagine how the scene might play out.

Moving into position to throttle Ridge?

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A Brutal Confrontation

“I thought better of you,” Ridge tells Taylor. “I trusted you to always be honest with me.”

“The way you were,” she replies, “when you swore up and down that, no matter what, you were through with Brooke and wanted to be with me? That kind of ‘honest,’ Ridge?”

Knowing that a good offense is a great defense, Taylor blames Ridge for her lapse in judgment and all but dares him to cast another stone. “Some part of me knew,” she cries. “I went through the motions, but underneath, Ridge… I knew. I knew you’d run back to Brooke the first chance you got. You’ve proven that to me over and over and over again.

“So yes, I was going to keep something from you,” she continues, anger overtaking sadness. “What of it, huh? You’ve kept something from me for the entire duration of this farce we call a relationship — your heart.”

Brooke fume at Taylor B&B

“She’s not wrong, babe.”

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Out of the Ashes

In the aftermath of Ridge and Taylor’s epic showdown/breakup, she stuns her loved ones by behaving like everything is hunky dory… which could be as a result of this wonderfully twisted turn of events. Or it could simply be that Taylor has decided she has no [bleeps] left to give. She does, however, have axes to grind.

To that end, Taylor contacts The Young and the Restless’ Traci. Having read her biography of the Abbott family, Taylor wants the author to tell her story next — along the way, exposing every time Ridge has half-assed their relationship, every time Brooke has interfered and every horrifying slap in the face in between.

Jack, Phyllis, Traci leave Y&R

“I know just the woman to make you forget all about Diane. And Phyllis. And… ”

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From Brooke’s Bedroom to Readers’ Nightstands

By the time it’s release day for Dirty Laundry: The True Story of My Soul-Crushing Relationships With the World’s Ficklest Fashion Designer, Ridge will have tried and failed to convince Taylor not to go ahead with it. “What are you doing?” he pleads. “This isn’t you, Doc. You’re not vindictive.”

“Correction,” she tells her ex. “I wasn’t vindictive. But thanks to you, now I am. And I want everybody to know that if I’m bitter, if I’m cranky, if I’m downright mean now, they all have you to blame. You changed me, darling, and not for the better.”

“How,” a voice rings out, “could someone who’s already perfect be changed for the better?” It’s Taylor’s new fiancé, Traci’s brother, Jack. Oh, didn’t she mention their romance to Ridge? Oopsie. “Jack has some experience with flaky significant others. So he and I are trying something new — being with someone who appreciates and deserves us!”

As you review Ridge and Taylor’s topsy-turvy relationship in the below photo gallery, see if you don’t agree that she isn’t owed a turn going full-on villainess.