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Looks can be deceiving, we all know by now.

Bold & Beautiful fans were aghast when the November 22 episode had Douglas reveal to Aunt Steffy just how low dad Thomas had stooped in order to ensure that Ridge dump Brooke and reunite with Taylor. (Got all that?) Steffy, they feared, would then stand by and let her and Thomas’ mother remarry their father, thereby making her an accomplice in the crime committed against Brooke.

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“So they just had to let Steffy in on the secret before the wedding,” exclaimed QueenSteph in’s message boards. “Throwing not only Thomas under the bus for Brooke’s sake but now Steffy, too.

“Ruin ‘Tridge’ and their kids,” she added, “and all hail Brooke. All all Logans.”

But it isn’t necessarily so. At the tail end of the episode, Steffy, horrified that Douglas knew right from wrong better than Thomas did, was about to reveal to Taylor the awful “something” that could change everything. If Steffy does tell the bride that Thomas faked Brooke’s call to CPS, she’s off the hook. She’ll have taken the honorable route, and the wheels of the Brooke bus will spin in other directions.

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Not that that will redeem Steffy in every viewer’s estimation. She’s “still under the bus if they have her speak up and hurt her mom in front of everyone,” angiet77 asserted.

Whether that is or isn’t true, really, there doesn’t seem to be any other option. For Steffy to perpetuate Thomas’ lie would send an atrocious message to Douglas, who’s already had such a dubious adult role model in his dad. If Steffy keeps her lips zipped, she would also be, in essence, a ruined character. It was bad enough when she badgered and badgered her parents to reunite, and to hell with Ridge’s marriage to Brooke. But to have gone along with a scheme this appalling, as if “Tridge” didn’t love one another enough to reunite on their own? Sorry, Steffy, that would be the point of no return you’d be crossing.

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