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Plus, a classic Brooke/Taylor showdown! 

For months, Bold & Beautiful fans have been asking when Sheila will finally pay for having shot Steffy and Finn. Sure, just about everyone in Los Angeles (and Genoa City) thinks that the iconic troublemaker is dead, but in reality, the Young & Restless transplant is merely toeless and plotting her next scheme.

Although there seems to be no end in sight to Sheila’s latest run, those feeling the need to see karma smack the bad girl around a little bit can rejoice: The soap’s YouTube channel, which has been posting classic episodes, recently uploaded the Season 6 outings in which Sheila is busted by longtime rival Lauren Fenmore while modeling the showstopper in a Forrester Creations fashion show.

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What happens next is… well, newer viewers who’ve never seen the episode should watch in its entirety, which you can do by clicking below. As an added bonus it features a fantastic showdown between Brooke and Taylor (then Hunter King) who, just like now, were butting heads over Ridge (then Ronn Moss).

If you want to play a little game while watching, pay close attention to the opening credits and see how many of the characters — almost all of whom have either been recast or are no longer part of the canvas — you recognize.

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Best of all, if you find yourself getting caught up in the drama that was unfolding back in 1996, you won’t be left hanging, as “new” episodes from Season 6 (as well as several other years) are uploaded in the sequence in which they originally aired!

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