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Now this could get interesting!

Things could be going better for Bold & Beautiful’s Hope. At the moment, she and Thomas may be in a good place, but that’s only because she doesn’t yet know that he framed her mom and destroyed her marriage to Ridge. We say “yet” because it’s only a matter of time before it all comes out — especially now that Douglas knows about his dad’s dirty dealings!

As far as Annika Noelle’s concerned, the messier the better — but the drama doesn’t need to focus just on Hope’s mom. Because let’s not forget how much of a mess her dad is too! After all, Deacon, the actress shared on a recent episode of Bold Live has been mixed up with Sheila for months now.

“I want more than anything,” Noelle shared, “Hope to find out what her dad has been doing. Because here she is, she’s gone to bat for him in so many ways and had really put herself out there in fighting for him to be a part of her life again.”

Sneaking Sheila around of all people and providing a safe haven for her would be tantamount to a betrayal in Hope’s eyes. And while that would make for some horribly awkward Thanksgiving conversations, it would also lead to some downright great drama.

Hope, Deacon B&B

“For her to find out what he’s done and the backslide that’s happened with him,” Noelle pointed out, “I think would be rich, really great scenes.”

Plus, there’s that third, extremely combustible element in this whole thing.

“It would be very interesting if Sheila found out that Hope knew,” the actress added with no small amount of excitement. “That would be a threat to Hope and her family. I think there’s a lot of interesting things at play there, and I really like diving into her dynamic with her father. I honestly would love for her to find out what’s going on in that little studio apartment of his.”

OK, we see how it is! As if Thomas’ obsession isn’t enough, why not pile a desperate Sheila onto Hope’s problems as well? Actually, we did muse a bit about the two of them teaming up… Now those two against Hope would give Noelle some rich scenes to tackle!

What do you think? Are you as eager as Noelle to see Hope find out about Sheila?

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