Annika Noelle fashion Hope B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“I’m usually quiet on social media but…”

It’s been a while since Hope and Thomas have been in a good place on The Bold and the Beautiful but these days things couldn’t be better. Well, they could be if Thomas had a say in it… Anyway, given the success of their recent fashion show, Annika Noelle decided to kick off a pre-Thanksgiving treat for fans by sharing a behind-the-scenes photo dressed in Hope’s gorgeous showstopper.

“I’m usually quiet on social media,” Noelle stated, “but you asked for more behind-the-scenes photos so here it is, a peek inside my camera roll,” then went on to say that she would be posting “a photo a day leading up to Thanksgiving” because she is “grateful for all of you!”

Seeing that photo, and remembering how in awe Thomas was of Hope as she appeared on the runway, only reminded us that all good things come to an end and their relationship will be forever changed once Hope learns the truth… When she finds out that Brooke and Liam had been right about Thomas all along and that he used their son’s voice app to frame her mother as the culprit behind the CPS call — the one that caused Ridge to leave Brooke for Taylor — Hope is going to be crushed. Not just for believing that he had changed but for Douglas and the fact that Thomas used their son to manipulate their families’ lives.

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However, no matter what the fallout, they will still have to co-parent Douglas unless Thomas further spirals out of control and loses his son for good this time. How do you think this will all play out? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section — we’d love to hear them!

For now, join us as we rewind the clock and look back on Hope’s life over the years in our photo gallery below.