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The groom may have the tables turned on him by the last person he’d expect!

The latest round of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor seems to be playing out as predictably as fans expect. Ridge had an issue with Brooke over a manipulation, ran to propose to Taylor, and the truth will come out at the wedding and set everything right again for “Bridge”. But will it really play out that way?

Ridge finally came out with the truth about why he left Brooke to be with Taylor as he blurted it to his family, who were gathered to celebrate his impending nuptials with his children’s mother. Hollering while Thomas squirmed, Ridge declared that he’d finally had it with Brooke, who called CPS on his son.

Getting into the nitty gritty of it, the aggravating factor seems to be that Brooke wouldn’t come clean to him about making the call (which of course she hasn’t; she didn’t do it). He’s used the word “honesty” a lot, which is a tad hypocritical given he refuses to be honest with her about why he left her for Taylor… but we digress.

Taylor, we expect, will go ahead with the wedding despite having just learned that Ridge didn’t leave Brooke for her because he loved her and wanted a life with her more, but because her rival screwed up.

But will the wedding go through? Will Ridge and Taylor become husband and wife? Does it matter?

The truth about Thomas is bound to come out either before, during, or after the ceremony — Douglas is an adorable little powder keg ready to blow — and when it does, it will change everything because Brooke will be off the proverbial hook.

Annulments happen as frequently on Bold & Beautiful as people change jobs on Young & Restless — we’re talking on a regular basis — so if Ridge has tied the knot with Taylor, he’ll just text Carter to run over with the paperwork and dissolve the union so he can run back to his Logan. Heck, Carter may even be there officiating. Brooke may turn up there too if we know Bold & Beautiful.

But what if Brooke bristles? Yeah, we know it’s not likely to happen because of “destiny” and all, but there sure are a lot of fans who would be applauding if Ridge turned his back on Taylor only to have Brooke turn the tables on him.

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Perhaps Brooke will decide that a man who would run to another woman and tell her he wants a life with her without even doing her the courtesy of letting her know — and know why — isn’t as wonderful as she’s made him out to be in her mind. Maybe she’ll take issue with him walking down the aisle with her rival and telling everyone else in the family his reasons while refusing to be honest with her, the person he’s supposed to love and honor most.

What is Ridge learns the truth about Thomas, ends things with Taylor, and runs to Brooke, only to be told, “No thanks. You couldn’t be honest with me.” That would be rich.

What will probably happen is that Brooke will welcome him with open arms and Taylor will wonder why the hell she didn’t follow her well-honed instincts where he’s concerned. But we can dream of a different outcome, right? One where Ridge deservedly ends up with neither woman?

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What do you think will happen at Ridge and Taylor’s wedding? Share your theories with us below.

Get a sneak peek of Ridge and Taylor’s wedding day in the gallery below.