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Punishing the evildoer just might embolden him to go all the way over to the dark side.

When Bold & Beautiful has Thomas busted for faking Brooke’s call to CPS, the logical thing for his family to do would be to banish him. To say, “Look, dude, you took it way too far, and there’s no excuse.” To let him be hauled off to prison.

Now, obviously, characters on the soap don’t always (ever?) behave in logical ways. But if they do, they could come to regret it. Here’s why.

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“You want a piece of me? Oh, I’ll give you a piece of me.”

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A Terrifying Alliance

Once Thomas is behind bars, he could be approached by a mystery visitor who introduces herself as a friend. “I don’t have friends,” he replies. “Not anymore.”

“Oh, but you do,” the woman replies. “And in this case, a very powerful one.”

The woman? Lina, aka Sheila. Her proposal? She’ll pay for the high-priced lawyer to act as Thomas’ Get Out of Jail Free card if he’ll team up with her. “Your family doesn’t have your back,” she points out. “So let’s move forward.”

“If you want, honey, we can get you a cute disguise, too.”

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One False Move

Hurt by Ridge, Steffy and Taylor’s abandonment — justified as it is! — Thomas would decide, “What the hell,” and team up with Sheila. To what end, though? Her plan, she’d soon reveal, would be simple. “What do you do,” she asks Thomas, “when you can’t have what you want? You take what you want, that’s what you do.”

Sheila intends to abduct Finn and Hayes and spirit them away to a remote island on which she has a secluded compound. Once Steffy and L.A. are in her son’s rear-view, she figures, he’ll come around to forging a relationship with Mommie Dearest again. And there, they’ll live happily ever after.

“It doesn’t seem like you know, so let me tell you,” Thomas says, “that’s nuts. And there’s nothing in it for me.”

hope defends liam to ridge and thomas bb

“No, really. You’ve got to be kidding.”

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An Offer He Can’t Refuse

“Oh, but there is something in it for you,” Sheila counters. “Hope.”

“Hope?” Thomas repeats after her.

“Didn’t I mention?” the madwoman asks. “She’s coming with us. You two can finally be the couple that you know in your heart you were meant to be.”

Once Thomas has picked his jaw up off the floor, he points out that (a) Hope hates him now, and (b) he’ll hate him even more if he kidnaps her and takes her away from her husband and daughter. Sheila was intending to take Beth along, same as Douglas; the compound has a darling nursery. “I thought you’d want to leave Liam behind,” she laughs, “but if you really want him to come… ”

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“I hereby pronounce you crazy and crazier.”

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The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Of course, Thomas doesn’t want Liam to come. He can’t believe he’s even talking about this like it’s a real possibility. Why would Hope ever fall for him after this? “Strange things happen in captivity,” Sheila notes. “I had a child with a man I shackled to a wall for a while. Love is weird like that.”

Speaking of love… is she going to dump Deacon? “Heavens, no,” Sheila chuckles. “He’s coming, too. He just doesn’t know it yet. He’ll huff and puff, and be all, ‘We can’t, we can’t,’ but I’ve come to realize that’s just his way of saying, ‘Great idea, baby’ in slow motion.”

What do you think? Wouldn’t Thomas and Sheila make a devastating scheme team? On your way to the comments, review his past lies and loves in the below photo gallery.