denise richards
Credit: Brett Costello / Newspix via Getty Images

Driving can be stressful enough but actions like this are totally uncalled for — and dangerous.

Monday, November 14, will be a day that The Bold and the Beautiful’s Denise Richards (Shauna) won’t soon forget — and it was a scary one at that. TMZ is reporting that the CBS soap actress was headed into work to film scenes for her latest project, Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace, where she plays a weapons expert named Deborah. However, before she could make it to Popsicle Studio L.A. she and her husband Aaron Phypers were shot at by another driver.

Prior to the road rage incident, Richards’ husband was driving their Shelby Ford truck and had trouble locating the studio, which in turn caused the driver behind them to become irate. Not only did the driver begin shouting at the couple, they tried to “squeeze in front of them.” Though Phypers let the driver pass, the person in the other vehicle was so enraged that they shot at the couple’s truck, leaving a bullet hole visible in the backend of the driver’s side near the rear taillight.

Thankfully, Richards and her husband were not injured during the violent incident but as you can expect, she was “unnerved” and “sobbing” when she arrived at the studio. It was then that someone from the production crew called 911.

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Despite the terrifying series of events, Richards put in 12 hours of work, where her husband stayed with her for the entire shoot — and to be safe, when she was finished, an off-duty cop, who the outlet reported had been on set, escorted the couple back to the freeway, to which they then made it safely home.

Earlier this year, it was reported that road-rage incidents in the city had hit an all-time high. And, unfortunately, the same can be said for various areas across the country. Our hearts go out to Richards and we are just happy that neither she nor her husband was injured during this unnecessary act of rage.

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