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Credit: Denis Guignebourg/JPI

When mom’s away, the kids will play.

Whether you are a new parent or one juggling a few kids, there comes a time when a mom needs to hand the reins over to dad and take a little relaxation away from the family fold. Well, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Tanner Novlan (Finn) recently showed his followers how he managed alone with his two kiddos while wife Kayla Ewell (ex-Caitlin) was gone.

The CBS soap fave posted seven photos labeled, “Lazy Sunday. Dad on duty.” In the first, he was holding on to their son Jones, who was born on June 6, and his little one seemed to be having a blast with dad, given the smile on his face. In the next, Novlan smiled for the camera while lying in bed as Jones and his big sister Poppy were occupied with something off in the distance… Cartoons, maybe?

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However, things got a little iffy when Poppy appeared standing, literally, on the window — all in fun for the camera, of course — before Novlan got back to work and put the silliness aside by making sure the kids’ toenails were clipped and he even shared a report from his sleep app, as well as the sweet bracelet Poppy likely strung together for her dad.

Last month, Novlan also showed off the family’s Halloween costumes and stated, “Anna… Your hair is turning white. Guess who picked the theme this year.”

And given Poppy had a Frozen theme for her third birthday this past July, we’re sure she had a hand in assigning their adorable costumes.

You can view another pic of Novlan, Ewell and Poppy in our gallery below filled with photos of soap stars and their real-life kids.