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The soap hunk pulls back the curtain on the making of his and wife Cindy Ambuehl’s home videos — to hilarious effect.

If you follow Bold & Beautiful leading man Don Diamont and his real-life leading lady, wife Cindy Ambuehl, on Instagram, you already know how much fun they have with their home videos. Or at least you thought you knew how much fun the couple has with them. In a new clip, they revealed behind-the-scenes bloopers from their shoots that are as hilarious as the finished products.


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As you’ll see below, one second, Bill’s portrayer is trying to get in place with beloved four-legged family member Ezey, and the next, the missus is flubbing a line. And don’t even get us started on the segment in which we see how crazily wrong it can go when they are taping their infamous Sign Bitch segments!

Our favorite part, though, has to be the one in which Diamont, who’s been stripping down on screen since his soap debut as Carlo on Days of Our Lives — and obviously, as Brad on The Young and the Restless — reacts to not only a shirtless scene but a pantsless one by joking, “I’m tired of being objectified.”

Ha — sure. Even his better half had to LOL at that!

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Watch the would-be sitcom stars cut loose above, then review the below photo gallery of more Bold & Beautiful cast members and their real-life loves.