Ridge Taylor B&B
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Is this a new beginning for Ridge and Taylor… or the beginning of the end?

Having been single for approximately six seconds, it looks as if The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Ridge is ready to walk — er, make that run — down the aisle again. As previewed in the final moments of the CBS gabfest The Talk, Ridge won’t even be waiting for the ink to dry on the papers legalizing his annulment from Brooke before offering to make an honest woman out of her rival, Taylor.

Clips featured on The Talk (which can be seen below) showed Ridge telling Taylor, “It seems to me that we have an opportunity to pick up right where we left off.” She then turns when a spotlight suddenly comes on, illuminating a gorgeous wedding dress. Even as she struggles to find words, Taylor turns to find Ridge down on one knee, offering her a ginormous ring as he looks soulfully up into her eyes with an unspoken question.

While the clip does not show Taylor’s response, it seems likely — especially with this being November sweeps — that she’ll say yes. (Should she hesitate for even a second, their children will undoubtedly make sure that she knows there’s only one answer to Ridge’s question as far as they are concerned.)

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There’s only one itsy-bitsy little problem: Thomas is keeping a very big secret from everyone. Even as Brooke and Ridge were signing the papers which would make it as if their marriage had never happened, the truth was dangerously close to bubbling to the surface. Again and again, she asked why he was doing this, and Ridge came close to telling her about the CPS call, but never quite spit out the words.

Thomas Hope smile B&B

Might Thomas come clean if Hope begs him to?

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Now, two races are about to take place. One in which Ridge and Taylor dash down the aisle as only members of the Forrester family can, and one in which various characters slowly begin to piece together the real reason Brooke lost her husband. It promises to be a real nail-biter as we’re left to wonder whether Thomas’ wicked plot will be revealed before or after his mom and dad say “I do!”

As Ridge and Taylor contemplate their future, join us in celebrating their past with the photo gallery below