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If the truth comes out, there’s no telling what Brooke will do.

It’s no secret that the end is near for Brooke’s marriage on The Bold and the Beautiful, given that Ridge had Carter deliver annulment papers to his wife. Though Brooke still has no idea what made Ridge up and leave her — and rush back to Taylor — Thomas does and feels no remorse.

Steffy, on the other hand, recently stated that she never wanted to see Brooke hurt, yet she had no issue with taking her dad away from his wife and pushing him toward her mother, knowing darn well that that would hurt Brooke — a lot!

And the question remains… How will Brooke react when the truth about Thomas framing her comes out?

May the Jailhouse Rock

We can be sure of one thing, she’ll be absolutely furious! Thomas not only betrayed Brooke, his father and Douglas by using the voice app to make it sound as though his stepmother called CPS, he committed a crime — one that could land his ass right in prison. And after everything Brooke has been through, she’ll surely push to make that happen. Talk about returning the favor to Steffy!

Thomas voice changer B&B

Oh, we can see it now… Steffy will beg and plead for Brooke not to send her brother to jail and will make all kinds of excuses for what pushed Thomas to do what he did. Heck, she may even turn the blame back on Brooke and claim that all of the years that she integrated herself into their family did permanent harm to Thomas’ mental state.

Payback Is a Bitch

However, the drama might not stop there… This could finally push Brooke to her breaking point, which in turn could set her out on her own revenge plot against Steffy for the months of mental badgering she’s endured from her stepdaughter during her quest to reunite Ridge and Taylor.

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And how about if Brooke puts her P.I. skills to the test and locates a woman from Finn’s past? Maybe it’s someone he really loved, someone he left behind while attending medical school, someone who Brooke will bring to Los Angeles to reunite with Finn… This would give Brooke the perfect payback to throw in Steffy’s face by pointing out that the other woman could give Finn a peaceful life without drama — all of the same remarks Steffy made to her about Taylor and Ridge.

You know what they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Be sure to leave us your take on this situation in the comment section. We’d love to hear what you think will happen when Thomas is exposed.

If Brooke does succeed in ruining Steffy’s marriage like her stepdaughter did hers, Steffy may turn to any one of these men from her past in the photo gallery below.