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An option she’s yet to contemplate might just be the smartest move she’s ever made.

Come closer, Bold & Beautiful fans. Let’s talk. If you visit Soaps.com on the regular — and if you don’t, why on earth not? — you know that we’ve long championed the idea of Brooke declaring, “I don’t need a man.” Because (a) she doesn’t — no one does — and (b) it would be a novel twist for the passion’s plaything. We’ve even floated the idea of her taking up wearing brooches and pantsuits and using her preternatural judging skills to become a kind of heir apparent to queen bee Stephanie.

But let’s be real. None of that is going to happen. Brooke is now and forever shall be a slave to love. So it’s inevitable that she will wind up in someone’s arms, and probably sooner than later. (“What? Oh my God, I haven’t married anybody all year!”) There is still a chance for the story not to have a been there, done that feel, however. How?

Stephanie, Brooke phone cord B&B

“Time to get over your ‘hang-ups’!”

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Out With the Old, In With the New

Since Ridge has forced upon Brooke this opportunity to take stock, she should seize it, reflect on her past and realize that it doesn’t have to be a blueprint for her future. She’s not going to become celibate — as if — but she also doesn’t have to fall back on any of her standby exes. She could opt to do something that the Forresters, Logans and Spencers rarely do and… date outside of the families.

What’s more, Brooke could make the truly bold decision to get to know someone who isn’t a Richie Rich. Imagine the fun that Bold & Beautiful could have with her falling for, say, a trucker, or a cop, a struggling artist or an aspiring chef. The show could play her shock at being with someone who can’t just stroll into work whenever they feel like it, someone who has to actually clean their own home and balance their own checkbook, someone who thinks that a hot date night is ordering dessert at the diner she never even knew L.A. had. (“So it’s like a restaurant… but with bad lighting?”)

B&B Brooke looks at pic

“I have a frame all ready for my next wedding portrait.”

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A Changed Point of ‘You’

What such a love story could do for Brooke is give her the perspective that she’s lost over the decades. She’s so far removed from being the cater waitress that she once was, does she even remember what it was like to have to drive herself to the airport? We suspect not. This romance could give her an appreciation for the simpler things — an understanding that they might actually be the finer things in life.

Of course, a more down-to-earth Brooke would only be even more enchanting to Ridge, Bill, Deacon… We can just picture Nick spotting a picture of his old flame online. “Since when does she enjoy Olive Garden’s unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks?!?” Her exes would swarm, only to discover that Brooke is happier than they’ve ever seen her. Her Mr. Right isn’t a moneybags or a mogul after all.

We know just who could play Brooke’s new man, too. Check out the below photo gallery of daytime MVPs with whom we’re sure Katherine Kelly Lang would have killer chemistry.