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At least a lose for Hope could be a win for her portrayer?

Whether we want it to or not, one potential crisis has been looming over the heads of Bold & Beautiful fans for some time now. Well, OK, when it comes to the CBS sudser, there are about a dozen potential crises ready to explode at any moment, but the one we’re talking about is almost too horrifying to comprehend: Brooke and Liam sleeping together!

And yet, with every passing day, they seem to inch closer and closer to making our nightmare their reality.

When Annika Noelle appeared on the latest Bold Live to talk all things Hope, she admitted that at first, she was feeling just as confused as the fans as she watched the chemistry between Scott Clifton and Katherine Kelly Lang’s characters.

“I was like, ‘OK… what’s happening with this,’” she laughed. “’What’s gonna go on?’”

As the weeks and months have passed, those questions are still very much on the actress’ mind. She doesn’t know where the story’s headed, but she knows how she feels about the possibility of it.

“I would hope,” she noted, referring to Brooke sleeping with Deacon when he was married to Bridget, “as Annika and Hope, obviously, Brooke would have learned from her past mistakes.”

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Oh boy. We don’t like that look in Brooke’s eyes. Abort! Abort! Don’t go there with Liam!

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Honestly, we would hope the same… But this is Brooke we’re talking about here. And she already kind of made that mistake twice when she slept with Oliver. Granted, the circumstances were very different from her fling with Deacon. That second time was unintentional… but Brooke did still sleep with both her daughter’s beaus.

In any case, getting back to her fling with Deacon, Noelle mused that “I think that was ultimately one of the biggest mess-ups that Brooke did in her life. She really lost and suffered a lot because of that. And it jeopardized her relationship with [Bridget].”

But Brooke’s eldest daughter hasn’t been the only one who’s suffered from that whole mess.

It’s also, Noelle, explained, “a stigma that’s been attached to Hope for a very long time of being Deacon’s child and all that kind of stuff. So I would really hope” that Brooke learned her lesson.

And that’s great and all, but well, see above Brooke’s tendency to learn from her past.

With all that said, Noelle did admit that as an actress, she’d love to play those beats with Lang if Brooke and Liam started getting horizontal. They would, she knows, be “heartbreaking scenes.”

But as for Hope, “I don’t know,” Noelle admitted, but “it would be a very hard thing to forgive her mother. And by God, if Liam did that, I hope she would be done with him for good at that point.”

In other words, Brooke and Liam hopping into bed together, could be utterly disastrous. They may very well find themselves comforting each other — alone — as Hope cuts both of them out of her life! Noelle’s character, though, as she acknowledged during her interview, is far more forgiving than the actress.

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“OK, walk me through this one more time. The two of you thought this was a good idea why?”

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“I think that’s one of the nicer things about her,” Noelle shared. “Me in real life. One and done. You cross me and that’s it. I am not as forgiving.”

So while the actress may be done with Liam forever, it would remain to be seen whether Hope could say goodbye to him with quite as much fervor. A gal can dream, though. Still, fans shouldn’t worry too much just yet because it’s not quite a done deal.

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“I guess I’m in the same boat as you,” Noelle told fans. “I’m kind of waiting to see what direction it goes.”

Hope’s forgiven a lot over the years, as you can see when you check out our photo gallery of her often dramatic life