heather tom, zane
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Time flies by in the blink on an eye.

You know what they say about time — and where it goes — well, the point was proven in a recent post by The Bold and the Beautiful’s Heather Tom (Katie). The actress shared a new photo of her son Zane and we couldn’t believe just how grown up he is now.

“Sun/moon energy crystals,” Tom stated then continued to describe the shot, “rainbow shirt, blonde surfer hair.”

The last photo Tom had shared of her son was back in June 2021 and even then, given as it had been a while since Tom posted, we were stunned by how grown up Zane looked.

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“Sometimes I just have to go…wow…thank you,” she expressed.

Last month, Zane turned 10 years old on October 28 and to honor his special day, we gave fans a glimpse into his life in pictures, which highlighted some pretty big talents, including his golfing skills, his first time on skis and a few videos of Zane graduating from belt to belt in taekwondo. There were also pics with his parents — and a few tied to his daytime dad, Bill.

Zane, who Tom shares with husband James Achor, also played her character’s onscreen son Will, from 2013 to 2018, and though he turned up in a short 2017 film, Serenity, it appears he’s spending these days just being a kid. And after you view his life in photos in the link above, you’ll see the world is at his fingertips, due to the many talents he has at such a young age!

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