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Thomas won’t let his parent’s marriage be thwarted.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for November 14 – 19, Douglas calls his father out. Read about it below and watch the preview.

In order to put the latest nail in Brooke’s coffin, Thomas used his son’s phone and the voice-changing app to set it up to look like Brooke called CPS on him. The plan worked, Ridge ended his marriage to Brooke. He signed annulment papers, and before the ink was dry, proposed to Taylor. In the latest promo, Brooke is shocked when she learns Ridge is marrying Taylor.

Meanwhile, Douglas almost told Ridge about the voice-changing app on his phone but was stopped by Thomas. Douglas later realized all his saved messages in the app were missing, and Donna, who he played a joke on with it, suggested there had to be a way to get them back. Could they be in the cloud?



In the latest preview, it looks like Douglas may have been able to retrieve the message his father used to frame Brooke, as the boy confronts his father and tells him what he did was wrong and to admit it. Brooke also suspects Thomas was somehow involved in the annulment and confronts him wondering if he did something

The promo ends with Thomas telling Douglas that nothing should stop this wedding from going forward and tells his son, “Not a word!”

Be sure to read the Bold and Beautiful spoilers to find out when Ridge and Taylor plan to say, “I do!” Will Douglas keep his father’s secret, or could Ridge and Taylor’s big day be blown up thanks to the boy and his app?

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