Hope Justin Steffy Ridge B&B
Credit: CBS

Sneak peek of the fashion show that could end one couple and launch another.

Hope and Thomas have been working feverishly to prepare the Hope For the Future line’s fashion show, which is a welcome story for fans who have long been crossing fingers, toes, and some other things too in hopes that Bold & Beautiful would go back to its roots to focus anew on the haute couture dynasty that the Forresters founded.

Luckily for Thomas and Hope, there’s currently no rival fashion house on the scene to steal their designs or crash the party as Spectra Fashions once did, so the night is bound to be a triumph, especially if the sneak peek photos we’ve seen of the “Forrester creations” are anything to go by.

Bold & Beautiful will kick off the Hope For the Future fashion show, its first onscreen since 2018, on Wednesday, November 2 and it will run through Friday, November 4.

Not only will the latest Big Brother guest stars, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Joseph Abdin appear in these scenes, but we’re expecting some big developments story-line-wise as well. Indeed, the Bold & Beautiful press release promises the fashion show will “set the backdrop for juicy drama between Hope, Thomas, and Hope’s husband.”

But that’s not the only soapiness that could ensue. Katie and Carter have been flirting heavily and both will be in attendance at the big event. What could be headier than a triumphant night for the company to launch this pair into official coupledom? Might they share another kiss?

As for Liam, he’s already spinning over Hope’s acceptance of Thomas, who he still views as a danger to his wife, and teasers tell us that he’ll witness a close moment between Hope and Thomas that will almost certainly have alarm bells screaming in his head.

If that’s not enough to send him off the deep end, Steffy’s reveal could set off a chain of events that might lead to a real Bold & Beautiful shocker!

See sneak peek photos of Bold & Beautiful’s Hope For the Future fashion show in the gallery below.