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A pot-stirring reveal may set into motion a shocking chain of events.

Bold & Beautiful’s Liam is already agitated what with Hope working so closely with Thomas on the Hope For the Future line, not to mention spending time with him at the Forrester mansion. It wouldn’t take much to escalate his fears, and whether she realizes it or not, Steffy now has information that could do just that.

Liam’s managed to work himself up into quite a tizzy over Douglas moving in with Thomas, and Hope giving her ex the benefit of the doubt at every turn. His vent sessions on the matter with Brooke over tea have only served to cement his concerns as the two remember all too well how Thomas’ obsession with Hope spiraled out of control in the past.

The clincher is that Liam isn’t necessarily wrong about Thomas, who has been struggling not to act on his feelings for Hope as they work together. Just the other day he had to pull back and remind himself that Hope is married as he stood behind her in the mirror in the main office. We already know he was the one behind the CPS call that ended Brooke’s marriage and of course, we can’t discount the chilling reappearance of the Hope mannequin in the design office, though Thomas claimed to have nothing to do with it.

The CPS call aside, Thomas has been the “better man” he aimed to become after recovering from a near-fatal hematoma, and Hope can’t be blamed for wanting to think the best of Douglas’ father. She can’t be blamed for finding him “hot” either!

Of course, Hope finding Thomas hot is the latest gossip making the rounds at the Forrester Creations office, with Steffy and Finn being the latest to find out. Brooke was alarmed when she heard, but wisely, hasn’t told Liam, who would undoubtedly go off the deep end given the state he’s already in.

Steffy, however, wondered aloud if Liam knew about this development, and may be more likely to let that yowling cat out of the bag. Whether she reveals that Hope said Thomas was hot to stir the pot, or inadvertently, it could ignite the powder keg that is Liam right now.

Spoilers indicate that Liam will witness a close moment between Hope, Thomas and Douglas at the conclusion of the fashion show, so it wouldn’t take much more to set him off. The question isn’t whether he’d explode, it’s how high and in what way would it manifest itself.

With SOD’s fall preview teasing a possible hook-up between confidantes Liam and Brooke, we have to wonder if these are the events that will set into motion the chain reaction that leads to just such a shocking development!

It’s possible that Steffy won’t reveal to Liam that Hope thinks Thomas is hot, given she knows how he’d react, but then what would be the point of that little plot twist? Yup, we’re convinced that he’s going to find out and that it’s going to trigger mega soap messiness.

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