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Dead ahead is the finish line for Hope and Liam’s marriage, at least for now.

We grumble about a lot of things about The Bold and the Beautiful. Its focus on only a story or two at a time. Its repetitive dialogue. Its habit of making its characters behave like relationship-obsessed extraterrestrials. But one thing the show tends to get right is the way that it sets up dominoes to fall.

Currently, the show has Douglas picking up where Steffy and Thomas left off pushing their parents together pushing his folks to hook up. And it’s totally silly, but at least it plays better with a kid Douglas’ age than it did with grown adults like Steffy and Thomas. What’s more, his interest in a reunited family serves as a preview. Of course Hope is going to leave Liam for Thomas. Bold & Beautiful loves to hint at what’s coming down the pike before it arrives.

Not for nothing, but can there be any other explanation for the fact that, out of nowhere, she was admitting that she finds Douglas hot? Dude used to skeeve her out so bad, she had to wash off the ick after their scenes together.

Hope Thomas shirt B&B

“Do I think you’re sexy? Do I ever!”

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So, hate to say it, Liam, but your marriage is toast. And that’s just the beginning of the fallout from the inevitable Hope/Thomas hookup. We’ve speculated that Liam may rebound into the arms of what would seem to be the least likely new lover of all time. But on the flipside, he could just fall back on old habits and make a beeline for Steffy.

“But she loves Finn,” you might say. Mm-hmm. And she also loved Finn when she got drunk with Liam and consoled him in bed after he saw Hope a mannequin kissing Thomas. History could repeat itself, thereby ending “Sinn,” too. At that point, we might have Paris remembering how she once crushed on the doctor and once again coming to him to treat her… um… heart condition.

What do you think will happen? On your way to the comments, review Hope and Liam’s love story in the below photo gallery.