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Get ready for several blasts from the past in this Sheila-centric episode.

On Monday, October 31, Bold & Beautiful is celebrating 30 years of Sheila Carter, one of the most popular villains in daytime history. A special standalone episode will feature her most conniving, outlandish, and jaw-dropping moments from the last three decades on the soap. 

Sheila — portrayed by Kimberlin Brown — has spent years going toe-to-now-missing-toe with perceived rivals such as Stephanie, Brooke, Macy and others. She’s framed her enemies, taken hostages, altered paternity tests and committed just about every crime one could conceivably commit… and lived to tell the tale. 

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Of course, the loon’s reign of terror actually started on Young & Restless, where she stole Lauren’s husband and child. When the walls closed in, the nasty nurse faked her own death… only to resurface at the offices of Forrester Creations. This, she thought, would be her fresh start. But as it turned out, she could run but not hide from her cray cray nature, which soon drove her right over the edge as she struggled to keep her secrets (not to mention her jealousy of anyone who threatened her marriage to Eric) under wraps.

Of course, more recently it was a desire to reconnect with secret son Finn which caused her to lash out at those standing in her way. Eventually, she would shoot both Finn (accidentally) and his wife, Steffy (on purpose). And though most folks believe she’s been eaten by a bear (long story, don’t ask), she’s actually alive and well (if missing a toe) and on what is, for her, her best behavior. But for how long?

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Sheila storyline was, and be sure to tune in Monday for what looks to be a ghoulishly fun episode.

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