Nurse sheila carves pumpkin B&B
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It’s a special episode of Sheila’s greatest hits.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for October 31, Sheila takes a trip down memory lane. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Since she’s returned to Bold and Beautiful, Sheila has been up to no good. She spiked Brooke’s New Year’s Eve non-alcoholic champagne to cause her to fall off the wagon and create drama between Brooke and Ridge. She also reunited with her long-lost son Finn, only to accidentally shoot him while trying to shoot Steffy. Then in order to fake her death, she cut off her own toe and staged it as if she’d been eaten by a bear! If you think that’s crazy, then you will love what’s coming up.

Sheila is dressed as a nurse to celebrate Halloween this year, which is hilarious seeing as she actually is a nurse. Well, one who is not allowed to practice given her past crimes. She tells Deacon that she’s like a cat that has nine lives.

The promo announcer teases Bold & Beautiful will celebrate the holiday with an episode geared towards Sheila’s greatest hits. As Sheila thrusts a knife into a pumpkin, we are told it will be scary good! Classic scenes of Sheila throwing knives, and warning Stephanie that she is through playing games with her are shown.

At the end of the preview, Sheila shows off her carved pumpkin to Deacon, who clearly doesn’t think whatever she’s planning is a good idea by the look on his face. She laughs, “Pretty scary, huh?”

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Video: Bold & Beautiful/YouTube