Kim Matula Hallmark Movie
Credit: David Scott Holloway for Hallmark

“Sometimes, you just have to trust the process.”

If you’re anything like us, you get more than a little annoyed when you go to purchase the treats you’ll be handing out on Halloween night and find that the store in which you’re shopping has already replaced candy corn with candy canes. While we’re not real big on rushing the season, we’re willing to make an exception in this one case, because we’re that stoked to see Kim Matula (ex-Hope, Bold & Beautiful) back on our television screens.

Matula, you’ll no doubt recall, played the first grown-up version of Hope between 2010 and 2016. (Two years later, Annika Noelle did the nearly impossible by stepping into Matula’s shoes and earning both the love and respect of fans with her own take on Liam’s wife.) Now, Matula is about to debut in her very first project for the Hallmark Channel, Ghosts of Christmas Always.

Kim Matula Ian Harding ghosts of christmas always

Katherine (Matula) and her associates are tasked with helping Peter (Ian harding) find his Christmas spirit.

Credit: David Scott Holloway for Hallmark

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As the title implies, it is an update on the classic A Christmas Carol. Her character, Katherine Marley, is one of three ghosts tasked with helping a lost soul restore his Christmas spirit. “But this year,” she elaborates, “it’s a little bit different. Their mission this year, their mark, doesn’t really seem to need his Christmas spirit restored. So why has he been chosen?”

Along the way, Katherine may learn a few lessons herself. “If you just let go and let life come to you,” Matula reflects, “and you let life happen without feeling as if you have to steer it in a certain direction, the things that you need will come to you. Sometimes, you just have to trust the system.”

Rather than listen to us tell you more about the movie — which debuts Sunday, October 30, at 8/7c — why not let Matula fill in the blanks? In the exclusive video interview below, she’ll tell you more about Katherine, as well as whether or not we might see her joining the regular roster of Hallmark Movie stars… perhaps even in a sequel to the Christmas flick?

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