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B&B Breakdown for the Week of January 11.

This week we were introduced to a new character, an aged character and the continuation of a long-standing rivalry.

I was happy to see Katie and Bill patch things up at the beginning of the week and openly talk about their feelings. Even though Bill kept his kiss with Steffy a secret, they were honest about their feelings and explained how they deal with things due to their childhood scars. I was really glad they didn’t let their nasty argument get in between them and liked the realness of the scene. Now if only Steffy would stay out of their way.

Speaking of, I’ve really had enough of Steffy hitting on Bill. When she went into his office to caress his face, which Katie of course saw, I couldn’t tell if the character or actor intentionally left the door open. It made me laugh how obvious it was regardless of who did it. This of course allowed Katie to see said caress, which she became infuriated with Steffy over. I don’t blame her for being upset with her step niece, but Donna did have a point that Bill should really put a stop to it.

I found it interesting that Thomas went to Taylor all worried about Steffy and her choices, when he is the one who encouraged his sister all week to use Bill’s interest in her to their advantage. He left all that out of course, but told Taylor about Steffy going off on Brooke, prompting her to race to her daughter’s side. While there, she learned Hope was hired on as the new intern and in true Taylor fashion, butted in where she didn’t belong. She doesn’t work for the company nor is she in the fashion business, so why does she feel the need to constantly put her two cents in? Furthermore, can’t they just let the Taylor/Brooke feud die? Brooke and Ridge are married and Taylor is beginning a new relationship with Whip. Let’s move on already!