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“Steffy wishes that Brooke would just go away!” 

If you thought the whole Logan/Forrester war would end once Bold & Beautiful‘s Taylor reunited with Ridge, think again. Because while the reunited exes are reveling in their newfound happiness, the repercussions of Ridge’s decision are still echoing across the canvas. This week, Steffy and Brooke will cross paths for the first time since both returned from Aspen, and their confrontation promises to be both must-see soap and a real eye-opener.

You’ll recall that during their chat in Aspen, Steffy insisted she had empathy for Brooke even as she essentially danced on the grave in which the blonde’s marriage was buried. According to Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, her alter ego now wants one thing and one thing only: “Steffy wishes that Brooke would just go away,” the actress told Soap Opera Digest. “But that obviously isn’t going to happen!”

It most certainly is not. Although Brooke has not given up on reuniting with Ridge, that’s not the only thing on her mind when she and Steffy butt heads. Recent events have left her concerned that Thomas is once again obsessing over Hope. (If Brooke could see inside Thomas’ head, she’d know it’s true, as he recently passed the time at work by daydreaming about making out with his favorite ex!)

Steffy, of course, defends her brother, insisting that Brooke is overreacting. But even she might not actually believe that. “When Brooke talks about the amount of time that Thomas and Hope have been spending together, and Thomas’ insistence to Steffy that his only focus is on Hope and the Hope for the Future line, that [Steffy] begins to go, ‘Hmm, maybe Brooke has a point,” continued Wood.

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That in and of itself is important, because even Steffy is no doubt surprised by the fact that she’s not only hearing what Brooke is saying but taking it in. Sure, she would never even consider telling Brooke that, but it’s a start.

Could keeping a closer eye on her brother lead Steffy to discover the truth about that call to Child Protective Services? And if so, the bigger question becomes whether she would spill the beans, potentially derailing Taylor and Ridge’s reunion and landing Thomas in extremely hot water!

We haven’t seen much of Finn lately, so why not join us in reliving his epic and romantic reunion with Steffy in Monte Carlo via the gallery below?