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Does it make us an even bigger idiot that we didn’t see it coming?

No one expects the characters on The Bold and the Beautiful to be Mensa members. Heck, we don’t even want them to be. If they were smart enough to not make boneheaded blunder after boneheaded blunder, we wouldn’t get the stunningly messy drama that we do.

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“Crap! I forgot step two of peek-a-boo! Again!”

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That said, one character crossed the line in the October 25 episode that separates the slow-witted from the altogether-stopped-witted: Bless his heart, it’s Deacon. As he proposed to Brooke, tears still wet on her cheeks from being dumped by husband Ridge, we had to wonder how he’d ever managed to be such a successful conniver for so many years. At that moment, he didn’t strike us as someone who could scheme his way out of a paper bag!

How dumb was Deacon’s proposal? For starters, he was asking a woman whose spouse had literally just left her to move directly into a new marriage. Deacon hadn’t even been dating Brooke. She’d been as happily married as anybody on the soap ever is. So proffering a ring didn’t merely come out of the blue, it came out of the wild blue.

sheila glares at finn bb

“Does it look like I’m angry?”

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Then there’s the fact that Deacon is currently sharing his bed with a card-carrying lunatic — and Sheila has told him point-blank not to even think about gravitating back toward his babymama. So what does he do the minute he hears that “Bridge” is no more? He gravitates his butt right over to Brooke’s and inquires whether she’s in a marrying mood. (Which, in fairness, characters on this show are every week or two.)

Does Deacon imagine that Sheila won’t hear about this? She’s freaking magic. She knows all. Of course she’s going to hear about his proposal. And how will she react? Hmm. Given the fact that when Steffy objected to the murderess playing Maw Maw to baby Hayes and doting Mommie Dearest to Finn, she shot her in cold blood, we’re gonna guess… um… not well.

hope fashions

“And just like that, they forgot all about my wardrobe.”

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So it pains us to say it, but yep. Now we know who the show’s dimmest character is. Ridge, though a pine cone and an unhurled accusation ended his marriage to Brooke, is out of the running. So is Steffy, who played matchmater for her folks with the zealousness of a tween starring in a Parent Trap remake. Thomas? Forget it. Him dreaming that he might get away with framing Brooke for sicking CPS on him is downright sensible compared to what Deacon just did.

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