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Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

“It’s going to be new for me.”

It’s been a minute since Rena Sofer left The Bold and the Beautiful and though her fans miss her dearly, the former CBS soap actress still plans to stay connected to her followers. In fact, she just shared some “super exciting news.”

“I am now on TikTok!” Sofer revealed via her official Instagram page, along with a video announcement. “Yes, it’s true, I have come into 2022.” She urged everyone to come and follow her and promised, “I am going to have all sorts of new content for you… things about my dogs, things about my ceramics, and mostly, I’m going to be telling you guys stories about my life. It’s going to be really fun, it’s going to be new for me and it’ll be new for you. So come join me!”

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Though some fans were looking forward to following Sofer on the social media platform, others didn’t know what it was and most just wanted her to come back to Bold & Beautiful.

However, as we recently learned from Carter, Quinn just up and left and ended their relationship in the process. Not only was Carter stunned but so were those around him who witnessed everything they’d gone through — and risked — to be together. But, such is the world of soaps… and this type of thing sometimes happens when one star leaves a show.

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While we can’t wait to see what Sofer has in store for her TikTok followers, we are also looking forward to what’s coming next for Carter. Are you onboard with a budding relationship with Katie or would you rather see Quinn recast so their love story can play out in the end?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section then find out how you can receive a personalized message from Sofer, as well as Carter’s portrayer, Lawrence Saint-Victor, in the photo gallery below.