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Liam’s got his eyes on Thomas.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of October 24 – 28, Brooke is concerned about what is going on between Hope and Thomas. Read about it below and watch the preview.

After using the voice recorder to set Brooke up for calling CPS on him, Thomas was thrilled his plan worked out the way he had hoped. Ridge ended things with Brooke again and reunited with Taylor. Even though Taylor and her children were over the moon, Brooke vowed she would not lose her husband.

Thomas soon began fantasizing about Hope again. Perhaps his parents’ reunion gave him hope that somehow he could win Hope away from Liam. And the fact that he’s taken back custody of Douglas is something he can exploit. Of course, there is one problem, Hope has declared war on Steffy and Taylor and is sure they did something to break up Ridge and Brooke.

Next week, Thomas tells Hope, “Obviously you know how I feel about you.” Brooke interrupts and naturally asks if she’s interrupting. Later, Brooke grills her daughter about what is going on with her and Thomas. Is Hope simply playing him to try and find out the truth behind why Ridge left her mother?

In another scene, Thomas confides to Steffy that he just doesn’t want Brooke interfering in his relationship with Hope. His sister replies, “Relationship?” Yeah, it looks like Thomas is fully back obsessing over Hope.

Meanwhile, Liam reassures Brooke that he has eyes on Thomas and won’t let him move in on his wife.

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