Jacqueline MacInnes Wood steffy bb
Credit: Sean Smith/JPI

“To bee or not to bee” isn’t even a question for the Emmy winner.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood knows what your first question will be when you see the photo she posted to Instagram on October 22. And “no, this is not a fake bee,” she says up top in her caption. “I happen to love bees. I’ve always had a love for them.

“It started when I was a young child,” she adds. “Thanks to my mother for the many stories about bees, how they help our beautiful flowers grow and make delightful honey.”

These days, the Bold & Beautiful star adores them as much as some people do, say, ladybugs or butterflies. “That love definitely reignited after having children of my own,” says Steffy’s portrayer. “Seeing the world through their lens and watching them fall in love with bees, too. We reflect on all the things we’ve have eaten in a day that needed help from our bees and other pollinators.

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“The best tool against fear is education,” she continues. “By learning about bees, children can begin to understand that these tiny creatures are much more than buzzing, stinging insects. They help our environment in so many ways.”

That they do. Check out more gorgeous photos, highlights from Wood’s many photo shoots over the years, in the below gallery.