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She may have something far scarier than vampires and werewolves to worry about this Halloween.

You’ve really done it this time, Bill. Unwittingly, sure, but still. In the October 19 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, he warned Deacon to stay away from a suddenly-single Brooke… with Sheila eavesdropping.

Even Deputy Chief Baker oughta be able to figure out what’s going to happen next.

Brooke, Deacon kiss B&B

Will History Repeat?

Though Bill, his relationship with Katie kaput again, basically beat his chest and declared Brooke his, Sheila will fret that the latest object of her obsession will be drawn back to his babymama. And let’s face it, Deacon probably will begin to hover around Brooke anew just in case she feels the need to dull the pain of her breakup by taking a new (old?) lover.

Whether Deacon succeeds in rehooking up with his lost love is beside the point. Sheila will fear that he will. She finds him irresistible, so why, she’d reason, wouldn’t Brooke? And Sheila asking that question, but only rhetorically, can only mean one thing: trouble.


A Halloween Murder?

We all know — and all too well — that Sheila thinks nothing of removing obstacles by planting them six feet under. It was only a few months ago that she became so irritated with Steffy for keeping her from Finn and Hayes that she shot her daughter-in-law in cold blood. So why would she even hesitate to rub out Brooke?

Short answer: She wouldn’t. So what we may be building up to is a Halloween trick, not a treat, in which Sheila does what Sheila always does and pulls a Jason Voorhees that leaves the City of Angels thinking that Brooke has been issued wings and a harp.


Death Becomes Her

Mind you, The Bold and the Beautiful would never really kill off original cast member Katherine Kelly Lang’s iconic character. So we suspect that it will be another case of death in air quotes, allowing for Brooke to make a shocking comeback at the most dramatic moment possible. (Perhaps when Ridge and Taylor are remarrying for the umpteenth time?)

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